About Us

Farmgate began with a question....

"Meat can be done better, Surely!"
From then on, we made it our mission - to produce ourselves, source local from likeminded boutique operators or chase down the most exclusive + premium branded produce we could get our hands on.  In everything they do.  Whether it be our amazing farmers or the guys behind our specialty sauces like 'Killer Condiments' that make our small batch sauces.  
Premium | Traceable | Quality. 
We started small, learning the craft and techniques to do better.  The art of butchering, creating fresh filler free sausages with real ingredients, in house curing and smoking of small goods.  Building our team - young & passionate, driven & knowledgable; Our Farmgate family.  Searching for our farmers - Ethical & transparent, free range & local; Our Farmer Collective.  Finally forging relation ships with some of the most premium and exclusive branded producers, teaching our followers you can cook better at home given the right produce.
By shopping with Farmgate you will not only be providing your family with some of the best produce this country has on offer, you will be supporting a small local family business and the hard working Australian farmers we work with. 
Thank you for your support, 
Nathan Creary